Mobile applications

MoveApp designs and implements mobile applications as well as games, and it provides support in the field of concept, strategy, execution and promotion.

A team of specialists deals with designing and developing mobile applications running on iOS platforms (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows Phone.

Proprietary programs and dedicated solutions for companies primarily support business and marketing activities.

MoveApp applications constitute a modern way of strengthening pro-sales, image and commercial activities.


Brand Voice is a public relations agency operating within Me & My Friends Group.

It was founded with a view to provide reliable information and consciously build the image of Companies, based on open communication.

The areas of activity of Brand Voice comprise both internal and external relations, including also corporate and product PR. The experience of the agency includes an extensive range of implementations, among which there are projects related to media relations, social media marketing and copywriting.

In response to the growing interest in various areas and techniques of image creation, the agency employs innovative and proven solutions in order to maximise effects.

The use of new media and comprehensive support at many levels of communication guarantee that the potential audience is effectively reached through a reliable statement.


The Dust is a brand offering a wide range of tools in the field of advergaming. It designs effective solutions which strengthen the promotional potential of games.

The company's experience includes also projects combining solutions related to the social media or mobile marketing. Creative solutions and the high level of graphic designs are a distinguishing feature of the brand.

The solutions implemented by the agency were appreciated by experts in such competitions as Impactor or Mobile Trends Awards.

Products of The Dust make it possible to reach the customers with an interesting and involving message, as well as to build positive associations with a brand.

They also constitute an effective tool of building databases and provide support for promotional activities. The solutions designed and implemented by The Dust guarantee wide interaction with a brand, the maximum involvement of users, as well as the use of the viral potential.